Beverly Lonsbury, Ph.D.

bevportrait2-lutherDr. Beverly Lonsbury is an educator, counselor, consultant, chaplain, author, and entrepreneur. She has a passion for helping others become more self-aware and relationally engaged which results in greater well-being within the person. During her experience and studies, Dr. Lonsbury explored numerous communication processes, methods, concepts, and resources that promote meaningful communication and well-being. Through her academic and emotional exploration, she invented and developed the “I Can Relate” game and process that can be successfully used in any situation, no matter how complex or challenging.


In 2013, Beverly Lonsbury received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling. She received her Master of Arts degree in Congregational and Community Care in 2008; both from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Dr. Lonsbury’s Ph.D. dissertation focused on drawing from the social sciences, theology, philosophy, and other resources in exploring how to increase well-being in relationships and learning how to manage the effects of anxiety on well-being. Dr. Lonsbury uses an expansive view of well-being that highlights the importance of self and relational awareness. The goal of her work is to support individuals, children, families, couples, and groups in their quest for relational engagement and emotional health and well-being.

Since 2008, Dr. Lonsbury has been teaching self-care, relational care, leadership, well-being, and personal formation, as well as courses related to addiction, mental health, grief, loss, and counseling to graduate students, educators, pastors, and others. She is a counselor and chaplain in a wet house for late-stage, chronic alcoholics in which residents are allowed to drink alcohol onsite. She has also been a chaplain at a retirement home for veterans. She is grateful for the “hands-on” insightful learning she experiences daily through her family including her husband, two grown sons, two daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren.

Becky Danielson, M.Ed.

Becky Danielson is a licensed parent and family educator and former elementary school teacher.

She is licensed in PreK, K-6, and parent/family education. She has co-authored three parenting books (Empowered Parents, Raising Little Kids with Big Love, Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love). In national conference settings, classes, retreats and one-on-one sessions, she shares what she has learned as a mom and teacher. The last eight years she has been on staff at The Berry Patch School (PreK) supporting staff in the classroom assisting with instructional and behavioral issues and providing staff development in-services. The depth of her experience, both educationally and personally, has helped to make her work with parents, families, and staff effective. Contact Becky at