Couple’s Connection Workshop

“I don’t know what he is feeling…  I don’t know what she expects from me…”

Unlock the Language of Relationships

Would you like to improve communication with your partner?


Do you desire the intimacy that comes from feeling connected?


Do you worry that you’re slipping away from one another when what you really want is to draw closer?


Do you wonder if there is anything that can help your relationship be less painful?


Then this workshop is for you.

What is the I Can Relate Couple’s Connection Workshop?

The best marriages are built on healthy conversations that promote clear emotional and rational connections.

In this ½-day workshop couples will learn a tangible and simple, yet effective, Method for connecting in ways that honor the needs and values of both partners.


Men and women aren’t from different planets; they just need to learn the same language of relationships.”     

— Dr. Bev Lonsbury

Why is this workshop different?

The workshop uses the I Can Relate Game™ and method to provide a tangible approach for having conversations with each other in a way that is respectful, clear and non-threatening.

Using practice situations allows couples to imagine a variety of ways an issue can be addressed and teaches empathy skills toward all involved in the situation.

Couples learn to focus on the positive aspects of their relationship and approach the challenging aspects with a safe method that fosters empathy and understanding.

Who Should Attend?

  • Married couples
  • Couples in committed relationships
  • Engaged couples in preparation for marriage

What will participants learn?

  • What feelings, needs and values are and how to expand your vocabulary of expressive words
  • How to connect your feelings with your needs and values
  • How to talk with each other about what is most important
  • Relational intimacy through sorting, naming, and expressing what we most deeply value
  • How to feel connected to one another in a way that respects and honors emotional and rational perspectives
  • What diminishes relationships and how to respond in a healthy way
  • How to empathize with each other

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