Parent Workshop

“I don’t know what my child is feeling.

Why can’t my family listen to and respect each other?”

The list of challenges facing families today is becoming increasingly complex.

Substance abuse, media/technology influence, diverse friendships, suicide, family conflicts—and the list goes on…

The best relationships are built on healthy conversations that promote clear emotional and rational connections.

In this training you will learn a simple, yet effective, process for connecting in ways that honor the needs and values of everyone.

The training starts with the I Can Relate Game™ and Process. These tools provide a tangible approach for having conversations with others in a way that is respectful, clear and enjoyable. Using practice situations,  participants imagine a variety of ways an issue can be addressed and learn empathy toward all involved in the situation.  Participants will learn a number of skills and exercises that promote healthy self-awareness and a technique called, “empathy guessing.” People of all ages will learn how to respond with empathy toward themselves and others. Participants are encouraged to bring their own situations to the training session for personalized support.

 “Sorting our feelings and identifying our deepest needs in a situation provides direction about how to relate to others in a new and healthier way.”

           ~ Dr. Beverly Lonsbury

What will participants learn?

  • What feelings, needs and values are and how to expand your vocabulary of expressive words
  • How to connect your feelings with your needs and values
  • How to talk with each other about what is most important
  • Relational closeness through sorting, naming, and expressing what we most deeply value
  • How to feel connected to one another in a way that respects and honors emotional and rational perspectives
  • What diminishes relationships and how to respond in a healthy way
  • How to empathize with others
  • How to empathize with yourself

Who should sponsor the workshop?

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Family Counsels

What people are saying:

“Using the I Can Relate Game and method helped me work through situations in my congregation involving relationships. Dr. Bev’s insights about anxiety and self-awareness were particularly helpful for understanding how to respond in a variety of situations. Her method, combined with using the game, offered a tangible and fun way to explore feelings connected with needs in a non-threatening manner. Developing the skill of empathy guessing provides a solid technique that is relatively easy to learn.”

Ann Fenlason
Pastor, Bone Lake Lutheran Church
Luck, Wisconsin

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Flexible training sessions, workshops, or retreats can be two hours, half day, full day, two days, or designed around your schedule.